Making a Will or Trust: Importance and advantages of Death is an inevitable occurrence for everyone, and no one knows the exact moment of his departure from this world. The following is an outline of how making a Will is important to your being able to order the state of your affairs after your demise. how to make a will i want to make a will reasons why someone should make a will. what happens to a child if both parents die without a will last will and testament reasons to have a will importance of making a will reasons to draft a will importance of a will or trust should i have a will or living trust who needs a will what happens if both parents die without a will advantages of executing a will advantages of making a will benefits of making a will


Some persons might feel reluctant to write a Will because to them, it may signal that they are anticipating their death. 然而, in reality, death is no respecter of persons. Both young and old persons can die at any time. 死亡對每個人來說都是不可避免的事情, and no one knows the exact moment of his departure from this world. The following is an outline of how making a Will is important to your being able to order the state of your affairs after your demise.

1. Peace of Mind

Without a will, you cannot be sure who will take over your property or administer your estate. Naming specific impartial person(s) that you trust as your Executor or Co-executors will afford you the peace of mind that your property will be administered or be shared and distributed in accordance with your wishes as contained in your Last Will. You want to choose executors who are suitable and who are likely to best represent your wishes. Your Executors will be responsible for making sure your wishes are carried out.

2. Avoiding Family Dispute and Bitterness

由具有睾丸法專業律師起草的《意願》將無糊(一)明確概述您管理您的財產或分配資金的願望。, 您死亡後的財產和財產,您指定的受益人. 將避免家庭關係緊張嘅發生, 分歧和痛苦喺你嘅身家. 律師會考慮你嘅遺囑自由, or the law that enables certain of your dependents to be entitled to reasonable financial or customary provision. If reasonable financial or customary provision is not appropriately made, a dependent can challenge the distribution of your estate under the applicable Wills Law. 所以., you should seek legal guidance from a Solicitor when writing a Will.

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3. Protecting Your Legacy

If you die without a Will, you cannot be sure how your legacy or property will be managed after your demise. By making a Will, you can create a testamentary trust or appoint executors who you have confidence in to being able to making sensible decisions in the discharge of your wishes as contained in your Last Will for the proper management and utilization of your legacy and assets. The trustees or executors do not necessarily have to be family members or friends, they can be Solicitors or institutional asset managers licensed by government.

4. Providing for Certain Persons

Without a Will, 您的遺產將受測試法嘅約束, which means the persons you would ordinarily want to receive an equitable share of your estate may get nothing, 而其他人可能劫持你的身家畀自己. By making a Will, you can be rest assured that your loved ones and the most vulnerable amongst them will gain financial security and a fair share of your estate as provided for in your Will.
You can set aside money in a trust fund for your underage children. If you are embroiled in a divorce proceeding where decree absolute is yet to be ordered by the court, 你疏遠的配偶永遠不能聲稱你的財產,你有效地排除了他或她在你的威爾. Without a Will, 你疏遠嘅配偶喺由遺囑法庭獲得行政函之後,將有權獲得關於你遺產嘅管理書.

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5. Cheaper Judicial Process

如果你死了, 留下遺囑, 在昂貴的法庭訴訟程序中, 你既家庭成員唔使為你的財產進行骯髒嘅鬥爭. 授予遺囑授予遺囑的司法程序會更快, 更平, 冇尖刻的言論.

6. Legal Document

你張遺囑係份法律文件, 你在文件中列出了你想你既資產發生咩 (身家, 財物和金錢) 當你唔再係. 它被提交給遺囑認證登記處, 並會在你死後閱讀. 佢列出嚟就收到你所擁有的資產嘅人嘅名. 佢宣布了你對你家人嘅莊嚴祝願, 朋友和整個社會.

7. Public Record

你既遺囑在你死後成為公開記錄, 任何有興趣的人都可以在遺囑認證登記處查閱, 佢哋想知你條利係點樣得到保護的, 或者你希望你的事務得到怎樣的管理.

8. Burial Arrangement

你可以在你的遺書中就你的葬禮安排畀出具體的指示, 並具體說明你的遺囑執行人係點樣管理你的葬禮儀式嘅.

9. Having Control

如果你死而唔留低一個威爾, 您無法控制如何管理或處理您的資產和遺產事務. Your estate may be completely turned apart by unscrupulous family members who have no interest in the sustenance or maintenance of your legacy. This has the tendency of jeopardizing your stakes, defeating your actual intentions for your loved ones and occasioning family disputes. 然而, with a Will you can be rest assured that your wishes will be carried out.

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表達你嘅願望嘅遺囑, 表達你嘅願望, 即喺你死後你 D 遺產會發生什麼, 只有在你死後才會生效.
你可以通過一個密碼子修改遺囑, 或完全撤銷它, or make a new Will at any time during your lifetime to reflect your most current wishes and new property acquired. 所以., you are at liberty to make a periodic review of your circumstances and amend your Will to reflect the changes and to represent your interests.
A Will filed at the Probate Registry of a state will be valid in any other state of the federation in which you own property or in which your death occurs.

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All the advantages and benefits of making a Will listed above can only come if you leave a valid Will that cannot be challenged or disproved after your demise. 您的《手冊》對如何管理資產畀出咗明確嘅說明, 管理, 共享或派. Laws regarding Testacy do vary by states, 因此, 重要嘅係你尋求適當的法律指導和法律幫助, 由專業律師, 令你作出同簽署份有效嘅遺囑喺你嘅管轄範圍內, 以避免在其執行過程中嘅未來問題. 有關規劃你嘅遺產同立遺囑並提交遺囑嘅討論, 在辦公室內進行協商的請求 – 電話: 08187019206, 08039795959 | 電子郵件: | 網站:
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